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We Need Volunteers for the Great Burlesque Expo (HUGE PERKS!) 
23rd-Mar-2010 01:52 pm
We are looking for 15-30 more volunteers! (april 1st- 5th)
to sign up please visit this website!


We're 10 days away from The Expo, and we hope you're as excited as we are! As our way of saying "Thanks" each volunteer receives...

* 2 tickets to the opening night party on Friday, April 2nd
* Admission to the Vendor Exhibit
* Admission to the Costume Display
* Admission to Art Show
* Access to the Drop-in classes
* A copy of Make Some Noise, the soundtrack for The Great Boston Burlesque Expo

Please read the following information over carefully and then contact us with any questions.

Essential Information:

All events at The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition take place at The Hyatt Regency Cambridge (575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge,MA). Detailed directions are available on our website, www.Burlesque-Expo.com

There is a garage on-site. The hotel is offering a validated rate on parking. The closest bus stop (Granite St. & Brookline St.) is a 10 minute walk away, but we're offering a regular shuttle bus from Central Square to the hotel.


We've negotiated a ridiculously low rate of $99 per night at The Hyatt Regency. We really want our volunteers to be able to stay on-site. There are a lot of good reasons to stay at the hotel. The best one is by doing so, you're supporting The Expo - but also it gives you some place to stash your stuff during the day, a place to kick back and relax, it means you don't have to drive home after the parties and shows, you get a reduced rate for parking if you do drive, and you can sleep in. We want you to be at the event. We want you to stay at the hotel and party with us all night long.

The hotel will sell out. The Red Sox are playing the Yankees that weekend in Boston. Our very good advance rate of $99 per night will disappear in a cloud of smoke on Wednesday,March 24 and turn into a very *ugly* rate of around $300 per night. Make your reservations today by calling the hotel at (617) 492-1234 or by following this link:

You can also find a link for hotel reservations in the upper right hand corner of the Expo's site (www.burlesque-expo.com).

We love you and don't want you to pay $300 per night. PLEASE make your reservations before the deadline. Once the deadline passes, we will NOT be able to help you out. Really.


Please help with promotion. Talk about how excited you are on various on-line forums and discussion groups. Take a look at the class lists or special events and mention some of your favorites. Plug The Expo every chance you get. Having a big, enthusiastic crowd is much better for everyone than a small enthusiastic one ;-)

The more people we have at the event, the more fun it is. The performers, teachers, and sponsors will help promote, but bulk of the promotional efforts fall to us. Attached is a banner for use on your website, blog, Facebook event page, etc. Please put it up and link it to http://www.burlesque-expo.com Likewise, a mailing to your email list, a post in your blog, etc. would be appreciated.

Street Team:

We have some gorgeous postcards and posters and we'd like to get them out and about. While some of you aren't local, many of you are. We're not asking you to go out of your way, but we'd love it if you could distribute postcards and put up posters in the areas where you live, work, or go to school. We're particularly looking to saturate Cambridge and Boston with promotional materials. Please contact: ashleigh@bostonbabydolls.net if you want flyers and posters!

Thank You...

...for reading this far, for coming and participating, and for helping make The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition truly Great. We honestly can't do this without you and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

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