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Volunteer for Somerville Open Studios! May 2 + 3, 2009! 
9th-Apr-2009 07:46 pm
SOS banner
It's only a few short weeks until Somerville Open Studios throws open the doors of Somerville to artists and residents alike. Come out to meet your city's artists on Saturday and Sunday May 2 + 3 between noon and 6pm!
This is a once-a-year chance to see some of the amazing arts being produced in homes and studios all around the city, meet your neighbors, and tour Somerville. Every year, hundreds of artists register to share their art and lives with the public, and every year, thousands of visitors take advantage of this dazzling opportunity.
Somerville Open Studios is a non-profit organization run by the artists themselves, and in order to make this event happen every year, they rely on volunteers to make sure that things run smoothly while they're in their studios. Volunteers can offer anywhere from an hour to several days to help SOS run smoothly, either during SOS itself or before it starts.
Some of the most-needed volunteer positions are:
  • making sure that maps and flyers are distributed all over town (not just Somerville!);
  • working to ensure that the trolleys run smoothly; and
  • maintaining the physical signs for the studios and trolley stops; and
there are many other options, as well.
If you'd like to help or contribute, please contact volunteer@somervilleopenstudios.org for more information.
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